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Woll Nowo Titanium Fry Pan with Detachable Handle and Lid, 11-Inch

by Wall
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 Woll's advanced titanium reinforced nonstick cooking surface has  superior durability and excellent cooking performance. It is guaranteed  not to crack, blister, bubble or separate. Titanium is one of the  hardest metals and is used in many high tech products such as fighter  planes, surgical instruments, hip replacements and golf clubs. The  Titanium reinforced nonstick cookware is produced in our state of the  art facility in Germany. For healthier cooking, no oils or fats are  required. The extra thick body and base is made of stress relieved chill  cast aluminum. This process allows for fast and even heat distribution,  and better browning, searing and deglazing. These pans are milled  perfectly flat for use on all types of ranges; gas, ceramic, electric,  radiant and halogen. These pans are guaranteed not to warp. Patented  German designed and engineered detachable handle insures easy click-on  and click-off, for stove to oven cooking or storage. Each pan has a  cast-in threaded brass insert to guarantee that the handle screws never  strip or loosen. Ideal for anywhere storage or cooking space is at a  premium. With the handles removed it fits easily into the sink or  dishwasher. Vented safety glass covers with Stainless Steel rims are  available for separate purchase. Titanium Nowo cookware is oven safe  (remove detachable handle, side handles and cover knobs are safe to  500F/260C). Nowo pans are dishwasher safe and PFOA free. Made in Germany  with a limited life time warranty.