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Woll Diamond Plus/Diamond Lite 10-Piece Cookware Set

by Wall

 Woll Diamond Plus/Diamond Lite 10-Piece Cookware Set


Woll's patent pending German engineered  technology is more than just diamonds, it is the process. We combine  real larger diamonds with advanced robotics in a multi-layer process.  The difference is not just in the cooking surface, but also in the  German manufacturing technology of an improved cast molding process,  versus the more traditional method of pressure casting. Woll's state of  the art process eliminates the need for oily silicon materials used to  release the pans from its mold. These materials are the fundamental  reason for imperfections in the final product, such as bubbles and  reducing a pans heat conducting ability. This brings Woll one step  closer to creating the perfect pan.  Woll's  multi-function robotic engineering technology precisely controls the  Nano-application process perfectly when applying the multilayer system  of PFOA free nonstick material, to deliver a pan with superior  durability and performance. This unique process includes  meticulous cleaning and drying times in between each step of the coating  application, strengthening the bond. It uses the equivalent of over 7  football fields in length of drying ovens to ensure a flawless  application every time. The company's' German engineered manufacturing  process is why Woll USA guarantees extended durability and lifelong  cooking performance.  The  new, ultra-modern, green factory, designed by the original patent  developer of diamond reinforced cooking surface, using a state of the  art plasma gun at 36,032F/20,000C. New technology and patent  pending surfaces of carbon nano tubes and larger diamonds allows for  improved thermal and non-stick performance. This newest coating process  is designed to do what wasn't even possible 2 years ago. Proven time tested hand casting craftsmanship and the latest casting machinery result in stress and void free pans. The  coating facility has longer heating and curing ovens (over 7 football  fields in length) which stabilize the curing process when applying the  diamond or titanium coatings. This creates an extremely durable coating  and prevents peeling or chipping. This process is computer controlled  and allows for precise temperature control. The addition of an  'anti-corrosive' extra base sealant coating prevents corrosion of the  underlying pan, and is unique to Woll. The entire facility  exceeds all environmental standards and is approved by local and state  governmental standards (extremely strict and difficult in Germany).  The  recent addition of new bottom milling equipment features water  injection cooling to create a perfectly flat, mirror finish aluminum  base. Select Woll products are gravity cast in steel dies with a  refined high-purity aluminum alloy. It is not made under any pressure  and flows naturally to fill the die, thus the pans can be 'shocked'  (taken from hot to cold) without the pan warping. Whereas, pans made  using the pressure/vacuum cast system need copper added to the aluminum  to make it more liquid so that it can flow better into the die.  Unfortunately  the use of copper, combined with the casting process means there is a  much higher risk of air bubbles forming in the pan which can create  blistering, peeling and cracking of non-stick surface. It is not  recommended to 'shock' competitor's stamped/drawn cookware as they have  been made under stress and thus the chance of warping is much higher.  A  computer directed robotic arm articulates to spray non-stick on the  inside and outside of each individual pan, instead of just arc spraying  onto spinning pans. Computer control eliminates over or under spraying  which can cause peeling and or cracking on deep or rounded surfaces. "Diamond  Plus Induction" is the only diamond non-stick line that can be used on  induction as well as gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, radiant and glass  stove tops. The thick 7.5 mm induction magnetic S/S steel base (using  patent pending technology) is guaranteed not to warp or separate. 

Why Diamond Plus?

Lighter in Weight

In  response to the trend towards a less heavy style of cookware that is  easy to handle, Woll has developed a new range which combines the  unsurpassed cooking attributes of the traditional gravity cast cookware,  but now in a lighter and more functional format. All existing "light  weight" aluminum cookware is either pressure cast (die cast) or pressed  from aluminum sheet. Both the above methods produce inferior cookware  when compared with traditional gravity cast cookware, as they cannot  guarantee even heat distribution. The method used by Woll to produce the  lighter body is that once the pan has been gravity cast in the normal  way, the molten aluminum in the mold is uniformly squeezed to thin out  the profile. This process is called "squeeze cast" and affords Diamond  Plus cookware the unsurpassed cooking attributes of gravity cast, but  with the lesser weight attributes of die-cast cookware.  

Diamond Coating

Adding  to this excellence is the incredible new nano-technology diamond  coating "Diamond Plus". This new innovative coating is recognized  worldwide as the best non-stick coating. In Woll's new patent pending  procedure, diamond crystals are heated to 36,032F/20,000C and blasted  deep into the surface of the cookware using a plasma gun, forming an  extremely hard base layer which is impervious to cuts and scratches.  This diamond encrusted surface is harder and far more durable than the  base layer used in most other premium cookware ranges. To this hard  diamond base layer is added an anti-corrosive layer, then the primer and  the final top coating that is infused with diamond crystals, and baked  in at 450C. This ensures an extremely heat resistant and abrasion  resistant non-stick coating, unmatched by any other coating on the  market. The entire coating application takes 3 hours and the pans travel  through over 7 football fields in length of ovens. Woll is so sure that  its coating is the best in the world, that it has given it a limited  lifetime guarantee.  

  • Excellent and even heat distribution (via diamonds) and is ideal for browning, searing, and deglazing
  • Oven safe up to 500F/260C including lids and fixed handles
  • Excellent toughness and durability  metal utensil safe
  • Patent pending diamond reinforcement sets the industry bench mark for nonstick performance 
  • Hand cast technology guarantees no cracking, rusting, or warping
  • Robotic and computerized coating application
  • Diamond base layer-guarantees no blisters, bubbles or peeling
  • Dishwasher safe
  • PFOA free
  • Highly designed extra-long, ergonomic handles for comfort and stability