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Victorinox Fibrox 13-Piece Swivel Knife Block Set

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Now available to the home chef, this Fibrox 13 Piece Swivel Block Set includes their patented Fibrox pro cutlery, which has been the choice of professionals for over 130 years. The beautiful wooden block houses an integrated turnstile, which allows it to rotate 360 degrees for easy access to either your cutlery or current recipe. The sturdy ledge holds a cookbook or tablet for electronic recipes, so you can conveniently cook up any of your favorite recipes. This leaves two extra slots for you to add in knives as you wish. Their patented Fibrox pro is preferred by professionals worldwide. Each knife is optimally weighted with high-quality, lightweight European steel, offering perfect balance and reducing hand and wrist fatigue, meaning the knives remain comfortable in the hand, even after extended use in the kitchen. The tapered knife edge is ground in two directions to hold a sharp edge longer and can easily be brought back to its original sharpness. The ergonomic, non-slip patented Fibrox pro handles provides a comfortable grip no matter the size of your hand or where you are gripping the handle. Designed to minimize wrist tension while providing a secure grip, the Fibrox pro handle is both lightweight and durable, making these knives seem less likes tools and more like an extension of your hand. The textured handle feels secure even when greasy or wet, allowing for precise and effortless cuts every time. Whether a seasoned or novice home chef, Victorinox Swiss Army offers not only the right tools and the know-how, but most importantly, the confidence to achieve one’s culinary aspirations. Expertly crafted in Switzerland since 1884, Victorinox offers a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.