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OXO Good Grips 5-Piece Airtight Food Storage POP Container Value Set

by Oxo

A Storage Solution Full of Possibilities     

Save space, get organized and keep your dry foods fresh with  OXO Good Grips POP Containers. Designed for modular stacking and  effortless organization, these canisters maximize kitchens and pantries  without wasting precious countertop or shelf space. Innovative lids  create an airtight seal with the push of a button, which ‘pops’ up to  use as a handle for the lid. POP Containers are sized to fit everyday  household staples including flour, sugar, cereal, coffee, granola, nuts,  spices, cookies, noodles and more. Their durable, BPA-free bodies let  you see what’s inside at a glance, and the rounded corners are shaped  for easy pouring. Cleaning is snap, the lid pops apart – and comes back  together -- with a simple twist for hand washing.          

POP containers aren’t just for pantries, use them anywhere  you crave organization: bathrooms, play rooms, garage, craft room or  your office.