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Brew Express Programmable 10 Cup Coffee Maker BE110

Original price $899.00
Current price $799.00
Stainless steel finish with black accents the new replacement for the  original 12 Cup featuring a redesigned carafe that will retain the heat  and freshness of the coffee for many hours. Making the perfect cup of  coffee is now as simple as ever. With the award winning 10 cup Brew  Express, simply pour in the coffee grounds and let the fully  programmable base take care of the rest. The unit is attached to your  home's water supply through a refrigerator or under-sink supply line,  and is hard wired to your home's power supply. You never have to measure  the correct amount of water again. Simply select the amount of coffee  you want brewed, from a single cup to a full carafe. The water is spread  evenly over the coffee grounds to ensure a consistent brew every time,  and brews the coffee in half the time of conventional coffee makers. A  built-in pause-n-brew infrared sensor prevents overflows and allows you  to remove the carafe or mug at any time, without the mess of dripping  coffee collecting on the base. A fully programmable timer/clock ensures  that next cup of coffee is ready and waiting at the exact moment of your  choosing. For added convenience, a soft-blue nightlight makes reaching  for that first cup of coffee in the morning that much easier with a  touch sensitive on/off switch on the base. The recessed design saves  counter space for cooking and other appliances and includes a rough-in  box for wall mounting. An improved carafe design increases heat  retention, allowing you to set the carafe on a table or take it to a  distant room without significant heat loss. The satin chrome finish  matches popular appliances. Also included is a single cup brew basket.  An optional carafe lock for child protection or slide prevention in RV's  and yachts is available